WirelessDMS MobileSync 2.0

WirelessDMS MobileSync is a small application that synchronizes some of your DM library documents that you specify to a regular file folder so that you may take them with you for reference and editing.

You may start MobileSync from a USB drive or another computer to view and edit documents. When the need arises, you may the synchronize those documents back to your DM server directly from MobileSync. All it needs is an internet connection. Plug the USB drive in and sync anywhere! No local installation of DM Extensions or DOCS Open is required!

The WirelessDMS MobileSync Server takes the documents you synchronize and communicates with your DM Server to put the synchronized files back in the library. It updates document history and maintains a list of who has which documents synched to which devices.

WDMS MobileSync running from a USB drive

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