(Previously called CMSSync & InSync)

DMSync is an easy to install, easy to use utility that allows administrators to select the tables they need to update from another ODBC compliant database system to their eDOCS DM document management system. It has been designed to update data from a CMS OPEN or Elite database to a master eDOCS DM library “out of the box” with no extra configuration required.

As an extra service, Matrix Logic can also configure DMSync to update eDOCS from other ODBC compliant database systems, even to custom tables and columns in eDOCS. This can include everything from enterprise level databases (Oracle, Microsoft SQL) to flat text files.

Requirements: eDOCS DM, Windows

Features include, but not limited to:


“CMS Sync has been a great time saver for us. It is incredibly speedy (about 1 minute each run), and it gets the job done! Before CMS Sync we had to import the entire client and matter tables from CMS into DOCS. Because this had to be done when no one was accessing DOCS (i.e. on a weekend), the client-matter tables in DOCS could only be updated once a week. Now we have CMS Sync set to run every 15 minutes and it has imperceptible impact on our network.” 

Clark Green, Network Administrator Miller, Nash, Wiener, Hager & Carlsen LLP