WirelessDMS Email Service

The WirelessDMS Email Service allows remote access to your document management system via almost any device with email access.

It can also be used by regular workstation users who wish to send an email or document to be profiled into eDOCS automatically using Matrix Logic's new Auto-profiling Technology

This module runs on a regular PC or server DM API and Microsoft MAPI/CDO. Users send in requests to the Email Service from any desktop, laptop or phone mail application that can access the corporate email system or the internet.

The Email Service will then process the request and send the results, text etc. back to the user on their device.

Features Include:

  • Run full text searches on DM libraries
  • Create a document and profile it by sending an email to the service
  • Optional ability to auto-profile incoming documents
  • Send a document as an attachment or reference remotely
  • Email a document to someone remotely
  • Fax an important document anywhere
  • Remote auditing capability for administrators
  • Remotely unlock documents (System Administrators)
  • Requires no extra software on the handheld in most cases