ZipMatrix for DOCS/ODMA

ZIPMatrix is a utility created by Matrix Logic to enhance the use and versatility of DOCS Open, eDOCS DM and other document management systems for end users. It allows complete file management of zip archive files in ZIP format from within a DMS.

ZIPMatrix is ODMA compliant and offers several advanced features not found in traditional and freeware zip file manager products.

Power users will love the way this product eliminates the tiresome process of detaching a file from the web or email... viewing the file... then importing and profiling it into the DMS.

It also makes grabbing several files from within the DMS and sending them to a customer or outside contact a snap!

ZIPMatrix supports DOCS Open, PowerDOCS and eDOCS DM from Open Text and many other ODMA Document Management Systems.

  • Integrated File/Save and File/Open functionality with the DMS via ODMA (Open Document Management API).
  • Search the DMS, select a group of documents, and then bind those documents into either a regular or a self-extracting zip file.
  • Optionally include the Document Profile information within the zip file.
  • Email the zip file from within the DMS using MS Outlook or any other MAPI compliant mail system, recording the event in the history for the document.
  • Import/Export either individual files within a zip file or the zip file itself into the DMS AND automatically complete the document profile!
  • Use the DMS Document Name as the file name within zip files.
  • Integration with eDOCS DM document menu via a "Zip" menu option.