New Products and Announcements


WirelessDMS for iPad

This first ECM solution for the iPad was available on the App Store simultaneously with the launch of the iPad! WirelessDMS for iPad from Matrix Logic is a client for OpenText eDOCS DM for the Apple iPad. The iPad client is available as a free downloadable app on the Apple App Store. With the purchase of the corresponding WirelessDMS server component iPad users can now access content from their corporate eDOCS DM repositories via the 3G network or a WiFi connection over http or https.

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WirelessDMS Native App for iPhone

WirelessDMS allows you to access the documents and content in your Open Text eDOCS DM (formerly Hummingbird DM) document management system from your Apple iPhone.

With just a few quick finger taps, you can access your Recent Edits, Quicksearches and issue content searches. Documents can be emailed as an attachment or a reference, or viewed on the iPhone. The WirelessDMS iPhone Client has full contacts integration on the iPhone.

WirelessDMS is also available in several modules for other mobile devices including Windows Mobile and Blackberry.


WirelessDMS MobileSync

WirelessDMS MobileSync is a small application that synchronizes some of your DM library documents that you specify to a regular file folder so that you may take them with you for reference and editing.

You may start MobileSync from a USB drive or home or remote computer to view, edit and create documents. When the need arises, you may the synchronize those documents back to your eDOCS DM server directly from MobileSync. All it needs is an internet connection. Plug in the USB drive or start MobileSync and sync anywhere! No local installation of DM Extensions or DOCS Open is required!


Matrix Logic Auto-profiling Technology

Matrix Logic's new Auto-profiling Technology is an exciting addition to our product portfolio. It enables the intelligent profiling and saving of any external document into your DM system without required hand profiling, foldering or custom defaults. Once set up, it is automatic.

This exciting new technology is being added to several of our products to do things such as automatically profile incoming email, simplify mass import and backfile conversion.


Matrix Logic MailRoom

Matrix Logic MailRoom is an application designed to facilitate batch scanning and mailroom automation. Bring that paper into your document management system with Matrix Logic MailRoom and streamline your records management and document retention.


BatchOCR Server 2.6

Your Hummingbird DM library is a great place to save scanned images economically. With BatchOCR it is now even easier to find these images later. Imagine all your scanned documents able to be full-text indexed automatically - now it is possible with BatchOCR.

With version 2.6, BatchOCR can now automatically add searchable PDF versions of your images as attachments!


WirelessDMS Email Service

The WirelessDMS Email Service allows remote access to your document management system via almost any device with email access.

It can also be used by regular workstation users who wish to send an email or document to be profileed into eDOCS automatically using Matrix Logic's new Auto-profiling Technology