Matrix Logic Media Manager

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A Digital Media Manager for eDOCS

This new application from Matrix Logic Corporation is a massive time saver for users of eDOCS DM who currently need to save their business photo images, audio and video. No more struggling with non-integrated image viewers. Now there is a fully integrated solution.


  • Collections of photos are imported into DM folders. The application prompts the user to create a new DM folder for the selected images. The pictures are profiled into this folder.
  • Thumbnail extract. JPEG Files with an embedded thumbnail will be extracted to a separate document attachment. This thumbnail will be used for fast viewing of a selection of Files later.
  • Opening a DM folder full of photos will display them all in a thumbnail list view. This allows fast review of the pictures.
  • Double clicking will open a photo in full resolution for edit.
  • Simple edit operations include Rotate, Resize, Crop etc.
  • New thumbnails are automatically created for documents that do not have them, or for edited images. These thumbnails are also used by our MLC Thumbnails Add-on for DM.
  • Save As allows versioning of photos in DM, including version comments.
  • EXIF data view. When viewing a picture, you can inspect the hidden EXIF data.
  • Import video and audio files into DM
  • Video and audio playback from DM. Fully integrated.


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Product Brief