Matrix Logic Auto-profiling Technology

Matrix Logic's new Auto-profiling Technology is an exciting addition to our product portfolio. It enables the intelligent profiling and saving of any external document into your DM system without required hand profiling, foldering or custom defaults. Once set up, it is automatic.

This exciting new technology is being added to several of our products to do things such as automatically profile incoming email, simplify mass import and backfile conversion


  • Profiles documents based on configurable rule sets
  • Analyses file names, locations, attributes and content
  • Utilizes 'confidence levels' to intelligently choose field values
  • Many configuration options including pattern matching
  • Fast


  • Time Saving. Documents can be brought into eDOCS without hand- profiling
  • Greater Search Accuracy. No longer rely on users correctly profiling the appropriate documents.
  • Easy to maintain. Once the rules are configured, it will continue to do its work, utilizing new metadata as it gets added to the system. Set it up and forget it!

Where can I find it?

The Matrix Logic Auto-profiling technology is now being integrated into our products, starting with WirelessDMS Email (automated email import) and our Mass Document import solution. Look for further information on those modules.