eRoom Service for eDOCS DM

Matrix Logic now offers seamless and secure integration between eDOCS DM document management systems and the eRoom collaboration platform by EMC. Users can easiliy copy and link documents between the two systems while maintaining network security and version control. Organizations using the DOCS Open, PowerDOCS or eDOCS DM client platforms can take advantage of this product.

See our press release on the release of eRoom Service.

Polsinelli Shalton Welte &Suelthaus is an example of a US-based law firm that have implemented eRoom Service for eDOCS DM.

Right-click functionality from within eDOCS DM


  • Copy documents between eDOCS DM and eRoom folders from the eDOCS DM client
  • Create active hyperlinks to eDOCS DM-based documents in eRoom
  • Cross-system document version control
  • Strong security model for safe external access
  • Full audit trail for collaboration documents


  • Collaborate on documents with external users
  • Organization, control and auditing of documents that are available outside the "four walls" of your organization
  • Customizable metadata structure for finding and organizing documents
  • Maintain confidentiality and integrity of your documents within the Document Management System while collaborating in eRoom
  • Very easy to use and administrate

System Requirements

  • eDOCS DM
  • EMC eRoom

Matrix Logic is an authorized reseller of the EMC eRoom collaboration product. Contact to schedule a product demonstration.