Custodian provides eDOCS DM administrators with an additional level of security over normal document profile security.

Custodian works with DOCS Open 3.72 and higher and DOCS Fusion 3.9 and higher. eDOCS DM is not supported at this time.

Ethical Walls

Custodian increases client confidence with its automatic profile level security. Custodian can provide an effective security screen ("Ethical Wall") around sensitive documents. Access to documents for a client or matter can be denied or granted based on user name in addition to any individual profile access rights.

Allow or Deny Access Feature

Custodian can deny access for a specific user to all documents relating to selected Clients/Matters regardless of individual document security. Alternatively, Custodian can grant access for a specific user to selected clients/matters only, normal document security is also maintained.

Visibility Insurance

A user who is denied access to a client or matter will have no knowledge that any connected documents even exist. A user who is granted access to a client or matter will have no knowledge of the existence of any other clients, matters or their connected documents.