Authentica Service for eDOCS DM

Successful businesses understand that knowledge has to be shared with partners and clients. You know that certain critical documents need to be distributed, but how can you be sure that they will not end up on the front page of tomorrow's newspaper?

Authentica Service for eDOCS DM allows organizations to create and distribute SecurePDF documents directly from the DMS. The user simply selects a pre-defined security template containing the desired file restrictions (only allow the file to be opened during business hours, disallow printing, expire after 30 days, etc.) and then chooses names from a list of authorized users who can receive and open the document via email - all directly from the familiar eDOCS DM interface.

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  • Dynamically control who can view a document, where and when it can be viewed, and whether recipients have the rights to forward, copy/paste, and print documents - directly from the DMS.
  • Recall or expire documents at any time, even after they have been distributed.
  • Apply watermarks to secured documents.
  • Authorized users can take a lease on a protected document for a specified interval for offline access.
  • View an audit trail of all secure distributions for a document in the DMS.


  • Easily send secured documents to external users while restricting what users can do with them.
  • Apply customized document control processes to meet your organization's own security requirements.

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