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Attach File for eDOCS DM
Attach an extraneous file to an existing document profile.
Batch OCR Server 2.9
Automatically OCR's and Full-Text Indexes all your scanned documents in the DMS. Runs as a Windows Service and is compatible with eDOCS DM 5.x and higher. Supports output as Text or PDF.
Setup.exe (651Mb)
User's Guide.pdf (605kb)
Release Notes.txt (7kb)
Email Import for eDOCS DM
This simple application allows users to import all of the email messages and attachments from MS Outlook folders in one operation.
Setup (2.9Mb)
Guide (137kb)
eRoom Service for eDOCS DM 1.1
This application allows users to easily copy and reference documents between DOCS Open / PowerDOCS / eDOCS DM 5.x and the eRoom collaboration product by EMC Documentum.
Client Setup
(7Mb, installed on DM client)
Server Setup
(3Mb, installed on eRoom server)
Administration Guide
User's Guide
Fusion Document Service
(installed on eRoom server and required for document reference functionality)
Filename / Number Converter v2.01
Free utility to allow you to convert eDOCS DM filenames to document numbers and vice-versa. An ActiveX control is also available for purchase.

Setup.exe (3mb)
Fusion Document Service
Create externally-available and dynamic hyperlinks to documents in the DMS.
FDS Server Setup (1Mb)
FDS URL Generator (1Mb)
Installation & Administration Guide (496kb)
Automatically push your Client and Matter information from your CMS Open or Elite system to all of your eDOCS DM Libraries with no manual intervention!
Runs as a Windows Service. Simple installation requires no SQL scripts etc.
Setup.msi (2.7Mb)
Guide.Pdf (.6MB)
Janitor for eDOCS DM (DOCMOVE module)
Move documents from one document server to another, rename documents and repair orphan profiles.
Setup.Exe (558kb)
Release Notes (1kb)
Janitor for eDOCS DM (RECONCILER module)
Compare column values in two DM libraries and output the differences to Matrix Logic's Replicator for DM or a CSV file. This module ships as part of the Janitor and Replicator products.
Setup.exe (1.1MB)
Scheduler Setup.exe (464KB)
(Scheduler is required in order to use Reconciler.)
Scheduler Readme
MLC Media Manager
Matrix Logic Media Manager is a fully integrated Windows application to allow the import, viewing and manipulation of digial media such as photos, audio and video in eDOCS DM
Setup.msi (2.5MB)
Guide.pdf (1.6mB)
Notify users that documents are available for their use or periodically run OpenText eDOCS DM Quick Searches and notify users by emailing a link to the search results.This product is designed to import documents unattended into DM. MLCDMImport can populate the DM profile information using static values, a calculated value or information contained within a CSV file
User Guide.pdf (1mb)
Setup.MSI (1mb)
Notify Service
Notify users that documents are available for their use or periodically run OpenText eDOCS DM Quick Searches and notify users by emailing a link to the search results.
Install Guide.pdf (.7mb)
Setup MSI (1.7mb)
Replicator for eDOCS DM
Replicate your lookup tables to remote libraries automatically, including people, aliases, document types, clients etc.
This simple installation package integrates directly with the DM Webtop and requires no writing or maintenance of SQL scripts to run.
Setup (3.8Mb)
Compiled Help File (136Kb)
Reconciler Setup (1.1MB)
(Reconciler is required in order to use the product with InSync or to replicate updates made outside of the DM Webtop.)
Scheduler Setup (464KB)
(Scheduler is used to automate the Reconciler service.)
Scheduler Readme
Secure for eDOCS DM (3.1)
Administrators can make en-masse security changes to a whole list of document profiles. Allows modification of trustees based on rules and can be run as a batch process automatically.
Setup (2.9Mb)
Scheduler Setup (464KB)
(Scheduler is used to automate the Secure service.)
Guide.pdf (1Mb)
Release Notes (2kb)

Share by Matrix Logic for the Mac. A Device Server client for eDOCS users on OS X. Requires a Device Server license. You can test against the Matrix Logic Demo server at using the MLCDEMO library with the username and password of 'DM'. Guide.pdf
Share for Mac zip file (2.8Mb)
new1.gifThumbnails for eDOCS DM v2.0
Autogenerate JPG thumbnail attachments for documents and images in eDOCS DM.
* Now supports x64. View Readme for new requirements.
Thumbnails Server Setup MSI (14Mb)
Server Install Guide.pdf (597Kb)
Thumbnails Client Setup MSI (1.4mb)
User Guide.pdf (209Kb)

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