WirelessDMS iPhone Client

The WirelessDMS iPhone Client is a brand new DM client from Matrix Logic, specially for the Apple iPhone. This application is loaded onto the iPhone and connects to a lightweight WirelessDMS iPhone Server application on your server via the 3G or EDGE network or a WiFi connection. Communications can be via http or https.

With just a few quick finger taps, you can access your Recent Edits, Quicksearches and issue content searches. Documents can be emailed as an attachment or a reference, or viewed on the iPhone.

The WirelessDMS iPhone Client has full contacts integration on the iPhone.

WirelessDMS iPhone Client is part of the WirelessDMS Suite

New features in version 1.2:
- Speed improvements.
- Support for more file types including pictures/media.
- Download documents and take them with you for use off-line (e.g. on an airplane).
- Cut and Paste support.
- Recent edits shortcut.

WirelessDMS iPhone Client