WirelessDMS iOS Client

The WirelessDMS iOS Client is a new OpenText eDOCS DM client from Matrix Logic, specially for the Apple iPad, iPhone and iPod. This application is loaded onto the iOS device and connects to a lightweight WirelessDMS Server on your network via a 3G or WiFi connection over http or https.

Existing iPad Users: Please note that WirelessDMS is now a Universal App - the same app for all iOS devices. If you are using WirelessDMS for iPad 2.1.x or earlier, please download this NEW application and remove the old one - it will NOT automatically do this. WirelessDMS for iPad has been retired and replaced by this version.

With just a few quick finger taps, you can access your Recent Edits, Quicksearches and issue content searches. Documents can be emailed as an attachment or a reference, or viewed on the iPad's large screen.

The WirelessDMS iPad Client has full contacts integration on the device.

View the Getting started with WirelessDMS on the iPad guide.

More amazing features are coming soon!

WirelessDMS iPad Client is part of the WirelessDMS Suite

New Features in version 2.3:
- Document Version Support
- Time Zone display of times (optional)
- Minor UI enhancements
- Application configurable via MDM Server/iOS7
- Universal application.
- Improved usability:
o When you open a file in WDMS that is from eDOCS, it will prompt to save.
o Send multiple files/references at once
o Delete multiple files at once
o Rename local files

New Features in version 2.2:
- New IOS7 features
- Universal App for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch
- iOS7 UI updates
- Smaller memory footprint
- New Login/Settings UI with Offline mode
- Wifi feature REMOVED
- New PDF features, including form filling
- Application configurable via MDM Server/iOS7

Workflow improvement features:
- Open in directly from search results
- Download switches to offline mode and highlights the document
- Incoming documents from other apps are highlighted
- Rename local documents

- Access your Recent Edits, Quicksearches and issue content or profile searches.
- Documents can be emailed as an attachment or a reference or viewed on the device.
- Full contacts/mail integration on the device.
- Upload document as a new version
- Search a hierarchy (like a Dynamic View) with Guided Searches
- Display document history or profile
- Profile new documents
- Navigate Dynamic Views
- Mark up and save PDFs

Watch the Video demo

This video shows a typical user experience with WirelessDMS on an iPad.