WirelessDMS Demonstration Server

You can test drive the WirelessDMS WAP and Email modules right here.
Follow these instructions to connect via WAP/HTML or Email.

or you can Click here for a flash demo of WDMS running on a PocketPC.

WirelessDMS WAP Module Demo Instructions

Matrix Logic Corporation has a WirelessDMS WAP system set up for demonstration purposes. This may be accessed from any WAP or basic HTML device across the internet.

Connecting to the Matrix Logic WDMS WAP server

To connect to the Matrix Logic WDMS WAP server, you must have a WAP compatible device (such as a cell phone with a WAP browser, or PDA with microbrowser). 

From your phone or PDA, start the WAP browser and then select to ‘Go to…’ option from the browser menu. This varies from depending on your phone and the provider, so you may need to check your phone’s browser documentation for more information on this.

Once the phone asks you for the address, enter:


This should connect you to our server, and the "Welcome to WirelessDMS…" message will be displayed. At this point, you can bookmark the WirelessDMS site on your phone (see your phone documentation for details).

Login and go

Now, you should select the MLCDEMO library.
When prompted, login with the Username of dm, password dm.

You can now search and send documents from the collection on our Demo library. There are a variety of documents in Word, PowerPoint and PDF format.

You can search by document number or issue a ‘content’ search by using a keyword in the document like ‘training’, ‘brief’, ‘demo’ etc.

All activity is logged on the server.

Don't have a device?

If you don't have a WAP device, you can test drive WirelessDMS WAP module by using one of the web based emulators at www.yospace.com

Further Information

please contact sales@matrix-logic.com for more information or view the press release here.

Support is available by email to support@matrix-logic.com, or log a support request online here. Please state you phone model and service provider when contacting us. Support for this demo site is not available by phone.

Technical Information

The "recent addresses" feature of WirelessDMS is disabled for the demo user ‘dm’ for security reasons.

The documents contained in the WAPDEMO library consist of various Word, PowerPoint and PDF documents. These documents are Matrix Logic product briefs and miscellaneous DM documents.

Searching: Suggested demostration content search words are "training", "wap", "directions". The syntax for the full text searching is the same as that used in CyberDOCS.

Faxes sent from the demo WirelessDMS site should use the following form:
To the USA 14158939887 (1 area code, phone number)
International 011xxyyyyyyy ( 011 international access + xx country + yyyyy number)

WirelessDMS Email Module Demo Site

To test drive our WirelessDMS Email Module, simply send an email from any device to our Wireless server at emaildocs@matrix-logic.com with a subject line of HELP.
Instructions will be emailed back to you.