Matrix Logic Has You Covered



Headquartered in California and with offices or engineering resources in Washington D.C., San Francisco, and Portland, OR., Matrix Logic Corporation (MLC) is one of the select few Premier Partners for OpenText eDOCS DM that specializes in Document Management together with a core group of integrating applications. The services MLC offers include installation, support, training for users and administrators and consulting for project planning. We also provide customized programming and ongoing maintenance services. We are widely regarded as experts in Document Management and currently have 8 Certified OpenText eDOCS DM Professionals (CHP) who have extensive experience in systems installation and support to over 500 clients and 50,000 users worldwide.

Matrix Logic is the worldwide leader in the production of OpenText eDOCS DM administrative utilities. These utilities were developed as a result of our real world experiences in installing, administering and maintaining eDOCS DM products and make the task of systems administration easier and less time consuming.